Electronic Güiro
This project converts a metal güiro, which is normally used as a percussive instrument, into a video instrument. The güiro is modified with an arduino to create a link between the instrument and a computer. Every rib on the güiro becomes a switch, when a rib is struck a signal is sent to advance a video clip one frame. A musician can play the instrument as it is normally played, however in this case the performer produces video as well as audio.

La Media Naranja Project

La Media Naranja Project converts traditional music instruments, used in the Americas, into audio/visual instruments. The instruments can be played as they are normally used; however they also control real-time video manipulation and playback.

Circuit Bending Workshop @ 123 St. Augustine

I recently did a workshop in St. Augustine, FL with a group of talented young artist. We made contact microphones and modified toys and keyboards to create some new instruments. We had a blast, it is amazing what you can do in a few hours. It is always a great pleasure to share a passion for making art with others and I hope to hear more from these artist soon!