Invasive Species at Digital Art Month Miami

Invasive Species AR filter was recently exhibited at Digital Art Month Miami 2020 Curated by Contemporary Digital Art Fair

Invasive Species (Bottle Caps): Touch the screen to wear different masks made from images of bottle caps found along the Florida Atlantic Coast.

Florida Dreams at Fresh as Fruit

Documentation of Florida Dreams at Fresh as Fruit Gallery

Breathe the Machine at ELO2020

Breathe the Machine – interspecies morph edition at ELO 2020
A collaborative group composed of a prose writer (Teresa Carmody), new media artist (Matt Roberts), 3-D animator (Dengke Chen), and poet (Terri Witek) enter your personal computers and suggest that in this particularly viral moment, individual breaths + machines may be the closest we get to community touch.

Project Website

Zoom Recording

Breathe the Machine at ELO 2020 from Matt Roberts on Vimeo.

Interspecies video conference

BTM Application

Dazzle Camouflage at Snap! Space

A few photos of Dazzle Camouflage at City Unseen 2.0 and an Orlando Sentinel article about the exhibition.

Breathe the Machine &Now Festival


Breathe the Machine was recently exhibited at &Now Festival of Innovative Writing at the University of Washington Bothell

A recent West Volusia Beacon article about the project when shown at Stetson University


Walking the Wrack line

Between January and August 2018, new media artist Matt Roberts and poet Terri Witek traversed Canaveral National Seashore from the north boundary at Apollo Beach (New Smyrna) to the southern boundary at Playalinda Beach (Titusville). Their wanderings covered 24 miles of shoreline and an ever-changing wrack line. Roberts translated their experiences via video and still photography; Witek used text and voice: their collaborative show combines image, text, and sound in a site-specific installation at Canaveral’s historic Shultz-Leeper house (formally owned by artist Doris Leeper). Walking the Wrack Line is a cooperative venture: between Canaveral National Seashore, and Stetson University’s Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience, whose grant funded the project. In environmental terms, Walking the Wrack Line considers the interspecies entanglements we witnessed as both highly problematic and rich in possibilities. Philosophically, the wrack line reads like a long, connected treatise on both beauty and danger. As Dr. Wendy Anderson reminds us: “At a certain size, plastic and silica glint the same.” “Until you eat it,” adds Laura Henning, Chief of Interpretation and Visitor Service for Canaveral, pointing out how ocean and land continue both to toxify and sustain each other. As a visible reminder of how species interact, the wrack line has become, it seems to Roberts and Witek now, an EKG of our time on the planet.


Invisible instruments at City Unseen

Recent exhibition of Invisible Instruments at City Unseen

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Photos by

Dream Garden Austin Peay State University

A new garden planted at Austin Peay Department of Art and Design


Dream Garden Summer 17

New Dream Gardens planted this summer

Currents New Media 2017, Santa Fe, New Mexico

ISEA 2017, Manizales, Colombia

Disquiet International, Lisbon, Portugal

ELO 2017, Porto, Portugal


ARTBORNE Collaboration

Terri Witek responds to images from Unfolding for a collaboration in ARTBORNE Magazine.

artborne1 artborne2

OMA Florida Prize Interview

An interview for the Orlando Museum of Art Florida Prize in Contemporary Art exhibition.

Dream Garden Interview

A segment from an interview about Dream Garden which is part of the 2016 Florida Prize in Contemporary Art at the Orlando Museum of Art.

The Strangers

Burdened by history and our own expectations, art can become settled in space/place. The Strangers invites Orlando Museum of Art visitors to re-meet some familiar OMA holdings. Museum-goers are invited to download the free Layar app on their smartphones and through brief augmented reality encounters get to unknow the collection.



Dream Garden at Art In Odd Places Orlando

A few images from a recent presentation of Dream Garden at AIOP Orlando. Dream Garden Orlando allows participants to text a 7 word dream, which is collected on the Dream Garden website and planted in a augmented reality “garden” at the Orange County Regional History Center.

Unknown Meetings at ISEA 2015 Vancouver Canada

Documentation of a recent installment of Unknown Meetings in Vancouver’s SkyTrain Metro line during ISEA 2015

Unknown Meetings at xCoAx 2015 Glasgow Scotland

Documentation of a recent installment of Unknown Meetings in the Glasgow Subway for xCoAx 2015


Unknown Meetings at Univeristy of Florida

A recent performance and site-specific installation of Unknown Meetings at the University of Florida.

Waves in Sound at Austin Peay

A few installation shots of my work Waves, which was included in the show Sound curated by Barry Jones and Michael Dickins at Austin Peay University. Trahern Gallery 01.20.15-02.06.15

Documention of EMP 2014

Documentation of EMP performing at the Creative City Project 2014

Portable NES Controller



8-bit chiptune cart


Miami Herald video of Fire Dreams at O, Miami 2014