This project takes as its premise that when we walk through cities, our bodies enter the dreams of other people who’ve walked there. New media artist Matt Roberts and poet Terri Witek map the city by floating  various “dreamers” over interesting metropolitan spaces. City wanderers then follow this walkable dream map via an augmented reality phone app. Along the way, they are offered chances  to see a dream, hear a dream, text a dream of their own, send a photo, and perform various other  transmittable acts. These become part of the living dream map of the city.

How it works:
This project uses Layar a free augmented reality application for mobile devices. Participants can download the Layar app and follow the Fire Dreams map, which is designed as an international project adaptable to any urban space. For further information about having the artists visit your city please contact Matt Roberts

Artist bios:
Matt Roberts
Matt Roberts is a new media artist specializing in real-time video performance and new media applications. His work has been featured internationally and nationally, including shows in Taiwan, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Italy, Mexico and nationally in  New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Chicago. He has shown in several new media festivals including ISEA, FILE, 404, CONFLUX, and he recently received the Transitio award from the Transitio_MX Festival in Mexico City. He is the founder of MPG: Mobile Performance Group , and an Associate Professor of Digital Art at Stetson University.

Terri Witek
Terri Witek is the author of Exit Island, The Shipwreck Dress ( both Florida Book Award Medalists), Carnal World, Fools and Crows, Courting Couples (Winner of the 2000 Center for Book Arts Contest) and  Robert Lowell and LIFE STUDIES: Revising the Self, as well as a  recent comic book/ poetry chapzine, First Shot at Fort Sumter/Possum.  Her poetry has appeared in Slate, The Hudson Review, The New Republic, The American Poetry Review, and other journals, and she s the recipient of fellowships from the MacDowell Colony, Hawthornden International Writers’ Retreat, and the state of Florida.  A native of northern Ohio, she teaches English at Stetson University, where she holds the Sullivan Chair in Creative Writing.